History of Hood’s Grove



Hood’s Grove Baptist Church was organized Saturday night, October 17, 1903, with Reverend J.W. Suttle and W.G. Hall organizing.  These Christians met regularly in a small frame building called Sandy Grove School.  There were 23 names presented for charter membership.  They were J.B. Hood, W.A. Rose, J.F. Jernigan, D.J. Wood, G.W. Naylor, C.A. Rose, T.D. Lee, W.A. Phelps, Y.L. Blackman, and Joseph W. Wood, and sisters Missouri Hood, Emily Rose Flora Lassiter, Mattie Hood, Annie Lassiter, Lyda Wood, Frankie George, Clyda Barefoot, Anna Wood, Sallie Lee, Pennie Naylor, Susan Lee, and Loanie Hudson.


After the church covenant was read and unanimously adopted, the charge was delivered by Brother Suttle, the first pastor.  The adopted the Philadelphia Articles of Faith.  The church decided on “Hood’s Grove” as the name of the new church.  All the male members were elected to serve on the building committee.


The first deacons of the church were elected January 19, 1904.  They were J.B. Hood, W.A. Rose, and G.W. Naylor.  The church clerk was Joseph W. Wood.  Treasurer was D.J. Wood.  The first services were held in the new building in 1905.  There were times when there was no pastor and many of the members moved away.  With the work and faith of a few members, however the church continued to carry on.  Then in 1937 the church began to grow.  The need for Sunday School rooms was seen, and for the next few years, this was a major project.  The new addition was completed in 1949.


Down through the years, other additions have been made, increasing the usefulness and beauty of the church.  In 1961 a vestibule was built, and in 1963 cement walks were laid.  A Fellowship hall was built in 1966, and heating and air-conditioning plants were installed in 1970.  the church was fully carpeted in 1975 and a baptistry was installed in 1976.  Land was purchased to provide space for an enlarged cemetery and to provide an area for recreational activities.  In 1990 a new, larger, and separate fellowship hall was constructed and in 1991 a beautiful steeple was added to our sanctuary.  Stained glass windows and brass chandeliers were added to the sanctuary in 1995.  In 2002, the fellowship hall was expanded and eight Sunday School rooms were added to accommodate the growing needs of Hood’s Grove Church.  A new handicap ramp has been constructed to make the sanctuary more accessible for those with special needs.  A very special gift of musical chimes was added in 2003 to mark the year of the centennial. 


The church has made much progress along all lines.  Since 1903, the membership has grown from 23 to 203.  Hood’s Grove Church stands today because of loyalty and faithfulness to Christ and to this church.  Today, Hood’s Grove Church boldly marches into the 21st Century, ready for the next one hundred years of serving Christ.